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Preventing the use of vertical drilling machines with gloves

Stationary drilling machines and mills must not be used with gloves. Gloves can be entangled by the drill chuck, causing serious injuries.

The SPS-3SB-NIR pushbutton was developed to remind the user of the obligation to take off the gloves. It measures the surface material of the finger and does not allow a start if no bare skin was detected.

The button's common 22mm form factor renders it compatible to many standard buttons. It is only a little bit bigger than a regular button and it requires a DC voltage supply of 12V to 60V.

Skin detection is realized with an optical method. Therefore, the skin must be visible to the sensors to be detected. Therefor, applications where the fingers get black with dirt are not suited for the use of this device. The device can generally be used in any application as long as the fingers do not get extremely dirty.