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Optoelectronical sensor series GDS / GDD

The GDS / GDD series is designed to detect transparent media such as glass, polycarbonate or water. Its innovative optics allows the sensor to detect warped or tilted (glass) surfaces at angles of up to 13°.



GDS / GDD type sensors can be used to count bottles, glass containers or carpoules on conveyer belts without requiring a mirror or any special background.

Proximity Switch

The devices can be used as proximity switches for transparent objects. The repeat accuracy on glass surfaces is about ±1mm. It is even possible to use it on anti-reflex coated glass.

Fluid Level Measurement

The intensity of the reflected light can be measured at an analog current output. This output signal corresponds to the distance between the sensor and a surface. Having an exponential dependency between signal and distance, the resolution increases with decreasing distance. For shot distances of less than 20mm the output current changes more than 1mA per millimeter.




Cert. Ex-zones

switching output

analog output



57x35x67 mm


Push-Pull, 1ms

4-20mA, 4ms

10-40 mm


M42 Housing

(0), 1, 2, (20), 21, 22

Push-Pull, 1ms

4-20mA, 4ms

10-40 mm



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