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Photoelectric Proximity Switches from Product family GDS / GDD

The GDS / GDD series has been specially developed for transparent media such as glass, polycarbonate or water and other clear liquids. An innovative optics ensures that, for example, glass surfaces can still be detected at inclinations of up to 13 °.



Because of the angular stability, a continuous, debounced switching signal is generated, for counting bottles and cartridges on conveyor belts in filling plants. No special background is required.

Proximity Switch

The devices of the GDS / GDD series can also be used as non-contact proximity switches. On glass surfaces they achieve a repeatability of ± 1mm. The thickness of the glass plays a subordinate role. Coated glass, plexiglass or polycarbonate can also be used.

Level Measurement

The analogue output allows precise level measurements on colored and clear liquids. Also fast running water and a certain "wave" is not a problem. In the case of a smooth (water) surface, level differences in the order of magnitude of tenths of a millimeter at the output are measurable.




Ex approvals

switching output

analog output

measuring range


57x35x67 mm


Push-Pull, 1ms

4-20mA, 4ms

10-40 mm


M42 Housing

(0), 1, 2, (20), 21, 22

Push-Pull, 1ms

4-20mA, 4ms

10-40 mm