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Accident protection sensors

Non-returnable accident protection light barriers 


The USL accident protection light barrier approved by the Technical Committee "Eisen und Metall" of the German Berufsgenossenschaft (social insurance against occupational accidents) is intended for operator health and safety at stamping machines etc. Any failure or interference will always cause the outlets to shut down. The functional USL unit comprises the following three components: controller, emitter and receiver. The operational status is indicated by LEDs. The sensors are provided with LEDs that can be seen through the optic from the front and from behind. The damping status is indicated via two LEDs on the controller. 

Optionally available in "explosion-proof enclosure" EEx d II C T6 or  "non-Ex". 

As a visual control, the receiver probe red-yellow-gree to indicate if 

  • the light beam is interrupted (red)
  • the light barrier is affected by misalignment or pollution(yellow)
  • the optical connection is optimal (green) 
  • Three-colour LED at the rear side of the receiver (display parallel to optic) 
  • Standby display (green) in emitter optic 
  • Operating Instructions USL 
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