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Detection of transparent packages within hazardous zones

Detecting transparent packages in hazardous areas can be difficult. Transparent PET bottles for instance are hard to detect with conventional light barriers, because they only absorb a small fraction of the incident light.

Fortunately, we offer a robust solution for this application. The following illustration how the detection is done using an optical proximity switch, an optional light guide, a polarization filter and a retroreflector. This setup can even be installed in machines with very limited space.


Required components

The setup illustrated above consists of an optical proximity switch type ISD-002-OFP-OP or IDD-150-POT-OP. This type can be used with optional light guides. Furthermore, it features an optical output power limitation for safe use within ex zones 0 and 20.

A light guide MSM-1000-02-T-GS-OP1 can be used in this scenario. The second block of the type designation defines the guide's length in millimeters, which is 1000mm in this example. Variants with lengths of 200mm up to 2000mm are also available.

The robustness of the detection is achieved by using the special head part OT-VA-ZF-M18. This part consists of a focusing optic and a polarization filter.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.