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All about Tippkemper-Matrix GmbH

Tippkemper-Matrix GmbH has been providing solutions in the field of sensor technology for more than 40 years. These can be optical sensors, such as photoelectric sensors, but also capacitive, inductive, etc. Our company is especially a leader in explosion protection and offers you a competent solution for almost every application.



Company foundation in Cologne. The focus is on sale of industrial sensors, opto-electronics and measurement of sound and vibration.


Foundation of Norsonic Tippkemper GmbH in Overath-Marialinden. National distributor for the Norwegian company Norsonix A/S.


Foundation of the Tippkemper-Matrix GmbH in Overath-Marialinden. Since then the Tippkemper-Matrix GmbH is a distributor for the Swiss Matrix Elektronik AG, which is focused on the development and production of optical sensor systems for explosive atmospheres.


Norsonic Tippkemper GmbH moved to Oelde-Stromberg.


Foundation of the Tippkemper Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG in Oelde-Stromberg. Focused on the development and production of custom-tailored industrial electronics, especially capacitive measurement systems. The products of Tippkemper Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG are also distributed by Tippkemper-Matrix GmbH.


Merger of Matrix Elektronik AG into Tippkemper group.


Introduction of IECEx certificates.