Laser distance sensor for extreme conditions

Explosion-proof, firm laser distance sensors from Tippkemper-Matrix for contactless und precise measurement of distance in biogas digesters, repositories, gas storage tanks in the sewage plant industry, on digestion towers, on coarse screens (waste water, solids, substrates) etc...

in hazardous areas

„Contactless, precise, maintenace and wear-free“

The new laser distance sensor type LHD-AAA-FCB-TF from Tippkemper-Matrix.

By using this sensor you are well positioned to meet all future requirements of the biogas and sewage plant industry.

Simple and customer-friendly setting of the required measurement parameters, lens heater to avoid the condensation on the optics, laser clocking for durability and safe operation all these parameters offer you the maximum of safety and reliability.

The solid and firm design as well as the low weight of this sensor is perfectly suitable for your application area e.g. directly mounted at the highest point of your weather proofing membrane.

Trust in almost 50 years of experience, in proven and innovatice products and solutions from Tippkemper-Matrix!

Laserdistanzsensoren von Tippkemper-Matrix

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