Special sensor technology directly from the manufacturer

Tippkemper-Matrix GmbH as a medium-sized, family-owned company, with several locations in Germany and Switzerland, is one of the leading sensor manufacturers in industrial automation. In addition to optical, inductive and capacitive sensors, we have particularly specialised in sensor solutions for explosion-risk application areas.

For almost 50 years, we are solving our customers daily challenges and offer them competent solutions even for their most difficult tasks and applications. Many years of experience, advanced and innovative ex-products, for example laser range finders, cameras and illuminators offer you the highest level of safety. More than 50 employees from different departments such as development, production, administration sales and customer service are constantly and closely working together in order to fulfil these objectives

News from Tippkemper-Matrix

Our innovations

An excerpt from our latest innovations and cutting-edge technologies:

  • Laser distance sensors
    • Distance measurement accurate to the millimetre
    • Range 30 m
    • Suitable for Ex zones (0), 1, 2, (20), 21, 22
  • Laser triangulation sensors
    • Micrometre-precise distance measurement
    • Range from 50mm to 150mm
    • Suitable for Ex zones (0), 1, 2, (20), 21, 22
  • High performance light sensors
    • For the most extreme applications with very high penetration
    • Insensitive to dirt and extraneous light
    • Range 600m
  • Camera systems
    • High video transmission
    • Video transmission speed up to 90 FPS with resolution up to 1920x1080 pixels
    • Photos with up to 3280x2464 pixels - 8 megapixel camera
    • For Ex zones (0), 1, 2 (20), 21, 22 (gas and dust Ex)
  • Light sources
    • Continuous light sources for all Ex zones
    • Light sources with and without optical fibre adaptation
    • Optical power limitation -
    • Light sources may radiate in zones 0 and 20
  • Infrared distance sensors based on the time-of-flight principle
    • Infrared light 890nm with a working range from 100 mm to 1000 mm
    • Centimetre-accurate time-of-flight measurement (TOF principle)
    • Versions with switching function and analogue output 4-20 mA
    • Explosion-proof, robust and compact M30 metal housing in flameproof enclosure Ex "d"
    • Suitable for operation in Ex zones 1, 2, 21, 22 (gas and dust Ex)
  • Rangefinders explosion-proof
    • Types LDH..., LDG..., TDD...
    • Precise measurements in micrometres, millimetres and centimetres
  • Inductive sensors explosion-proof
    • Suitable for operation in Ex zones 1, 2, 20/21, 22 (gas and dust Ex)
    • Switching distances from 2...40 mm
    • Units with safety functions SIL and Performance Level PL
  • Special sensor technology directly
    from the manufacturer

    Demonstration case "James"

Explosion protected precision - your confidence in safety!

Tippkemper-Matrix GmbH is the leading manufacturer of explosion proof sensors. Our mission is to provide you with innovative and reliable solutions for safe operation in potentially explosive environments. With our impressive range of explosion proof laser distance sensors, photoelectric sensors, fibre optics, level sensors and even explosion proof laser pointers, we ensure that you are protected in every situation.

Our explosion proof laser distance sensors provide accurate and reliable distance measurement in environments where conventional sensors would fail. Whether you need to monitor distances or position objects, our laser distance sensor ensures that you always get the exact data you need without compromising on safety.

Our explosion proof photoelectric sensor puts safety in your hands. By reliably detecting obstacles or movement, it ensures safe operation even in potentially explosive environments. Whether in confined spaces or areas with explosive gases or dusts, our explosion proof photoelectric switches are rugged and accurate to meet your needs.

For environments with extreme heat, aggressive chemicals or explosive substances, our explosion proof fibre optics are the perfect choice. They allow light signals to be transmitted into hard-to-reach areas, while offering the highest levels of safety and durability. Our fibre optic cables keep you flexible and safe.

The level sensor is an indispensable tool in many industries, from chemical and petrochemical to food and beverage. Our explosion proof level sensor accurately and reliably monitors liquid levels in vessels, even in potentially explosive environments. You can rely on its accuracy and functionality to keep your business running safely and efficiently.

Finally, our explosion proof laser pointer - the ideal solution for presentations, inspections or training in hazardous areas. With our explosion proof laser pointer you can accurately and safely mark and highlight important information without compromising on safety.

Your safety is our number one priority. Our explosion proof sensors meet the highest international standards and norms so you can use them with confidence. We are constantly developing our products to meet your specific needs.

Application areas

  • explosive areas (gas and dust Ex)
  • in harsh environments where high penetration, dirt resistance, robustness and range are required
  • High-voltage areas
  • Areas with increased temperature requirements
  • Areas with increased safety requirements

Tippkemper-Matrix GmbH

Your competent and reliable partner for all your questions on the subject of special sensors with special requirements, e.g. sensor solutions in potentially explosive hazardous areas.