Distance measurements or position enquiries in waste utilisation/incineration plants

The requirements for metrological tasks, e.g. for distance measurements in potentially explosive application areas, e.g. in waste utilisation/incineration plants, are increasing more and more. Tippkemper-Matrix optoelectronic sensors in explosion-protected metal housings and flameproof encapsulation Ex "d" are available for automated plant loading of chemical or contaminated waste, position detection, e.g. at rotary kilns for wear measurement/travel measurement or in the fermentation of organic waste for distance measurement within fermentation plants (digesters), gas storage tanks (e.g. for calculating the existing gas volume).

Technical data

Measuring principle: Time-of-flight measurement

  • Light used:
    Laser light in red, laser class 2 
  • Scanning range: 0.05 m - 30 m, programmable to the required measuring range 
  • Range of application: Ex zone 1, 2 - units may also look in zone 0 due to the OP approval
  • Power supply: 24 VDC 
  • Outputs: 4-20 mA and RS-485
  • Design: M 42, protection class IP 67


Ex type of protection: Ex d (flameproof enclosure)
Advantages: Ex approval according to ATEX, IECEx, simple and customer-friendly setting of the required measuring parameters, lens heating to prevent condensation on the optics, laser clocking for durability and safe operation.

Laserdistanzsensoren von Tippkemper-Matrix

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